We are humbled by the testimonials provided by some of the beautiful families we have had the pleasure of providing respite for. A number of these families have visited Maya's Rest on several occasions and we are so incredibly happy that we can provide them with a sanctuary to retreat to, time and time again.

'Over the past few days we have done a lot of playing, a lot of relaxing, a lot of talking, and have met baby alpacas at Marchmont Alpacas (my desire to be a 'llama farmer' is still strong!), had a gorgeous lunch at Galutzi Cafe (the Turkish bread is fantastic!), and had the lovely Megan Cassidy come take some fabulous family photos of us.

We are humbled and blessed for this experience and cannot thank Tash, Mark, Amelia and Maya enough. You are a beautiful family, you have created a beautiful haven here, and we are so grateful.'

-          Ally Dunwoodie - Goulburn

‘From the moment we pulled up and walked inside we felt so welcome and like we actually had known Mark, Tash and Amelia for years.

The weekend had some amazing activities organised for the kids and us as a family but at the same time we got to just have family down time.

We have treasured the friendship that we have made with Maguire family and can’t thank them enough for this time that they gave us together and to remind us that it’s important to not just live life but to take time to enjoy moments away with each other without the stress’.

-          Donna Franz - Thurgoona

 ‘My daughter Amelie (2.5) and I have stayed at Maya's Rest twice. Upon driving through the gate up the long tree lined driveway I start to feel a sense of calm come over me. We are always greeted with huge smiles and warm hugs.

One of our favourite things (there are plenty) is seeing what towel animal Amelia has created for us.
On our first visit to Maya's Rest we planted a tree in memory of my 4-year-old son Isaac who passed away from Rhabdomyosarcoma. Tash also gave my daughter a lady bug ornament to put next to the tree which made it all the more special. We love to sit by Isaac's tree and visit the lady bug multiple times during our stay.

It truly is the little things that mean the most to us.

Tash, Mark and Amelia always go above and beyond to make us feel welcomed. And we do.’

-          Kristy Gregory - Sydney

‘We first met Tash when she volunteered her time to our community event in 2016. She was a guest speaker at our bereavement lunch. 

My family and I then spent a weekend at Maya's Rest and it was a great comfort for all of us, they also planted a beautiful memorial tree for our lost son.

What they are doing and offering at Maya's Rest is a huge comfort and benefit to the community.
We are truly grateful for the time they gave us.’

-          Mellissa McDonald - Sydney

‘My family visited Maya's Rest for an afternoon at the invitation of Tash and Mark, after we donated a tree in our late daughter's name. Our daughter passed away in July 2015 at the age of 2yrs and 2 months.

Visiting Maya's Rest, even for that short time, allowed us some moments to breathe, take in the view and reflect on our little girl. Our two surviving children had a wonderful time and made a new friend in Tash and Mark's daughter, Amelia. 

I was fortunate to be able to chat to Mark and Tash about their own loss and how they have created this wonderful service to honour Maya. It was wonderful to be able to talk openly and honestly with someone why truly understood how I felt. I was allowed to smile as I reminisced about my daughter and also allowed to shed tears without feeling like I was making anyone uncomfortable.’

-          Jacinta Gould - Canberra