Petting Farm for Maya's Rest

MA Steel in Yass and Yass Rams Rubgy Union Club are working together to help Maya's Rest with fencing, so we can establish a Petting Farm for families to feed and interact with animals when staying for respite and mini breaks.

It is well documented that interaction between animals and humans promote therapeutic benefits, increasing health and well-being through reducing loneliness, alleviating anxiety and stress as well as encouraging exercise and playfulness. We hope to offer such benefits to families that stay at Maya's Rest for respite and mini breaks through a soon to be established permanent Petting Farm.

If you would like to help, drop in and see Riley at MA Steel at 71 Laidlaw St, Yass or give him a call on 02 6226 4377 to put a few dollars towards materials on behalf of Maya's Rest.

From a star picket to a 14 foot gate, anything you can help us save on materials will go towards animals and feed and we would be most grateful.

If you don't have a few dollars to spare you can still assist by helping support the wonderful businesses that support Maya's Rest. Please consider MA Steel for your future steel purchases and pop over to MA Steel and Yass Rams Rugby Union Club Facebook pages and give them so 'like' love, to let them know their efforts are truly commendable! 

Thank you everyone for helping us provide the families that stay at Maya's Rest with ever lasting memories! 

Feel free to let us know once you have supported this cause via so we can share your awesomeness (if you like)!!