Your child has a terminal illness…

As you hold them in your arms you’re told there’s not enough dying children in the region for a specialised place for kids in palliative care.

You’re told you can take your child to an aged care facility, a ‘special room’ in the hospital or care for them at home. These are your only choices.

You try the aged care facility, where the staff are lovely but cautious and the other patients think your dying child is there to visit an elderly family member. It’s all so incredibly hard, and in the end you take your child home. But sitting at home feels like you are waiting for your child to die, like you’ve given up on them. So you pack your bags and escape with your family, making the most of every moment.

Making memories while waiting for a miracle

You take mini breaks and forget about hospitals and doctors and palliative care teams and instead concentrate on laughing and hugging and loving. You take photos and videos and make hand prints on canvas to capture each moment forever. You make a pact with Death himself. You promise him your soul if he would spare your child, you’d do anything for him to walk on by without collecting his bounty. Anything.

Hands banner

But in the end it’s not enough, the reaper watches on as you hold your child in your arms as she takes her final breath, and instead you make a pact with her. You tell her that every child deserves a place to feel loved, especially when they are dying. You tell her that every family deserves to feel supported, especially when their child is dying. You tell your little girl that she is worth it, that every family is worth it.

You make a pact with an angel. And it’s the moment that changes your life forever.


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