In the lead up to the fifth anniversary of Maya’s death, we would like to share with you the next chapter of her journey. We were granted a few precious months together believing Maya had won her battle. I remember this time well, I wrote with a heart full of happiness and dreamed of a normal life for our little girl.

Family photo taken in August 2013

No need to fight anymore

To my dearest Maya, this is the chapter I’ve been longing to write, the one that wraps up your incredible fight.

Over the last six months you have endured so much pain, stem cell harvesting, intensive Chemo then stem cells infused once again.

Three days of VETOPEC each round, the drugs very toxic, only a few days at home every three weeks, as it made you so sick.

Countless transfusions, platelets and blood, too many scary episodes, each an emotional flood.

You lost your eyelashes, eyebrows and all of your hair, but amazingly your appetite was definitely there!

You also never lost your smile, that cheeky little grin, the one that innocently drew everyone in.

You missed your daddy and sister when we were away, so much time apart, but we spoke every day.

You fought so hard to be happy and never give in; like you knew all along you were going to win.

We made so many great friends during our long hospital stays, we all supported each other as nights turned to days.

So many children are fighting this horrible war, so many heartbreaking journeys behind the cancer ward doors.

We are just so grateful for the battle you’ve won, but so much grief is felt for the angels this disease overcomes.

To make the most of our days is our pledge to you, to give you a life full of happiness and endless love too.

2013-08-30 11.32.39
Daddy and Maya enjoying the beach

To play and laugh, to run and to fall, to bathe and swim, you can now do it all.

Thank you my princess for inspiration each day, you’ve changed our lives forever in the most positive way.

But now it’s your turn to be a kid and have endless fun, as you cancer journey is over, well done baby you’ve won!


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